Athletic Business Show


Many details are still in the works, with more information to be released in the coming weeks, but it is not too early to start making a plan to attend this year's AB Show in Baltimore from Nov. 1-4. Managers and supervisors who send their employees to industry events consistently find their team is more motivated, more up to date on trends, and more focused on reaching — and exceeding — their goals.

Here are some tips to state your case on why you need to be at AB Show 2023:

#1: Get to know AB Show

Check out all of AB Show’s offerings and opportunities for 2023: Conference sessions (to be announced in May), exhibitors on the show floorCEUs offered for sessions, partners of AB Show and a host of co-curricular events.  Education doesn’t stop once you leave the classrooms - networking and connecting with others outside the walls of the convention center are proven to be extremely beneficial as well!

#2: Make your plan

When will you travel to Baltimore? What classes will you end up taking? Who will you look to talk to on the show floor? Making a plan of attack for your trip to AB Show can save time onsite and can give you an idea of what you might have some extra time for.

For example, if you plan on arriving in Baltimore on Wednesday, Nov. 1 in the morning, you could attend an afternoon pre-conference workshop, or take part in the events we have planned for Wednesday evening, which maximizes your experiences and connections.

#3: Put it in writing!

Getting all of this information together in one place and sending it to your supervisor or leadership team helps them see all of the benefits you would gain from attending AB Show 2023.

Here are key details to include: 

  • Event details: Dates, location and a description of AB Show. Include all costs associated with attending the show, including travel costs
  • Supporting organizations or partners of AB Show
  • An educational plan: Tours, workshops, sessions, speakers and CEUs (if applicable)
  • Who you can meet with on the show floor, and what suggestions and new things you could see to implement into your workplace
  • Networking opportunities: Peer networking and connections will begin from the moment you land in Baltimore. Highlight these, and how they will build networks, share experiences and gain new perspectives